Fertility planning, simplified.

Make the best crop nutrition choices for your farm.

It really does start with a plan.


Fertilizer purchases can be complex and represent a significant investment in your crop. Planning ahead and understanding your soil and your crop’s nutrition needs enable you to purchase fertilizer when it makes the most sense from a cash flow, return on investment and logistical standpoint.

Feed your crops to reach their full potential

Soil sampling around Cargill locations in the fall of 2022 showed moderate to severe micronutrient deficiency on many farms. Every farm is different based on the crops grown and fertility practices, but soil sampling is always the first step to creating a fertilizer plan that will help unlock performance from your least productive land to your top acres. Choose your province to see what nutrient deficiencies are trending near you.

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What agronomic challenges are you facing? Soil sampling will help you create a crop nutrition plan to address them, keeping long-term goals in mind.

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If you can store fertilizer on-farm, you can take advantage of appealing pricing. Having a nutrient plan will help you time purchases to meet all your needs.

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You can typically save by purchasing fertilizer summer through fall. Taking a target return-on-investment approach can help lock in attractive prices.

The Law of the Minimum

Picture a water barrel with slats of different lengths. The barrel’s capacity to hold water is determined by the shortest slat. Similarly, crop yields are limited by nutrient shortages. Once you address the limiting factor, yield will increase until you encounter the next limiting factor.

4R Nutrient Stewardship

The 4R philosophy is based on scientific principles and recommends practices for applying fertilizer with the goal of reducing your environmental impact. Many farms in western Canada already apply fertilizer using the 4R principles of right source, right rate, right time, right place®, and many others would only need to make minor changes to be officially on the 4R journey. Cargill's fertilizer planning process ensures that you will recieve a 4R designated plan that will help you: 

  • Meet the crop nutrition needs of your farm
  • Optimize your fertilizer spend
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, movement of nitrogen to groundwater, and movement of nitrogen and phosphorus to surface water.

A wide range of fertilizer products


If you’re not sure what you need, and you’d like to see a comprehensive list of the fertilizer products offered by Cargill in western Canada,  it’s just a click away.


Looking for ways to line up your grain marketing and fertilizer decisions?

A team of MarketSense advisors can help you navigate the factors that often impact fertilizer prices, like foreign exchange, commodity swings, production issues and world politics. They can help build a plan that will help protect your bottom line while feeding your crops.