Build your plan.

You can’t predict the future.
But you can plan for it.

Personalized. Diversified. Make a plan to sell your grain.

There are a lot of factors that go into effective grain marketing. We'll help you make sense of them so you can focus on farming. But grain marketing success starts with a plan for your operation, and the more detailed the plan, the more you can focus on profitability. Our team of sales representatives and grain marketing advisors can help match grain contracts to market conditions.

Evaluate your profit potential.

Unsold grain can leave you unnecessarily exposed to risk in the market. Use our planning tool to run the numbers for your farm, understand the value of your unsold grain, and begin to build a grain marketing plan that works for you. 

Need help working your plan?

Cargill’s MarketSense advisors partner with you to not only build a detailed marketing plan for your operation, but also to maintain discipline and execute on it. Backed by insights from Cargill’s global network, a team of local advisors will help you work your plan and identify opportunities to manage price and production risk.

Diversify your grain marketing plan.

Sell grain using a combination of contracts to diversify your grain marketing plan and help protect yourself from market swings.  A diversified grain marketing plan also helps you capitalize on opportunities in the market.

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Foundational Contracts

The best place to start building a diversified grain marketing plan.

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Floor Contracts

Guaranteed minimum pricing to manage risk while taking advantage of upside potential.

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Enhance Contracts

Get flexibility and stay in control to capitalize on future market rallies.

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Traditional Contracts

Set price targets, establish delivery dates, and benefit from market gains.