Protect your crop all season long.

Plan ahead to boost productivity. Keep weeds, insects and disease from robbing you of yield.

The regulation of lambda-cyhalothrin (lambda-cy) has changed as of April 29, 2023. Visit for more information.


It all starts with a plan


You need solutions to help manage production risk and work through everyday challenges, invest in the right inputs and achieve your goals. When it comes to protecting your crop, we believe in an integrated pest management approach that includes:

  • Developing a plan grounded in sound crop planning principles such as crop and chemical rotations;
  • Taking your long-term goals into account;
  • Avoiding pesticide resistance and herbicide carryover issues; and
  • Meeting your goals for yield and return on investment.


Control weeds

What weedy challenges are you up against? Match your problem weeds with tools, techniques and products to bring them under control.

Manage disease

The right environmental conditions mixed with disease pressure can add up to a big challenge and some tough decisions. We’ve got you covered.

Outsmart insects

Insect pressures vary from season to season, but a strong scouting routine can help you stay on top of things. We can help with whatever is bugging you.

Right from the start

Seed treatments are an important layer of protection for cereals, soybeans and pulse crops during the critical establishment phase. They guard against seed and soil-borne diseases and insects regardless of conditions.