Control disease in your crops with confidence.

Because you have big yield goals and a crop you want to protect.

Fungicide can deliver benefits to your crop - yes, even in a dry season! 

A dry season may help avoid some common problems your crop will face, however, the use of fungicide can still protect your crop from others and can help with increased water efficiency and nutritional capacity. 

Keeping the flag clean is critical for achieving cereal yield goals.

When it comes to fungicides for cereals, timing is everything, and early fungicide application is a tool you can use to achieve healthy crops and good yields. 

Are conditions right for disease development?

The disease triangle diagram is still the number one reference tool for spray decisions. If you have all the points of the triangle (even a small amount) – the host crop, the presence of the disease in your area, and environmental conditions that favour disease – you need to spray. Keep in mind that some diseases are more affected by the triangle points than others.

Choose the right solution for the disease

There is no silver bullet to deal with disease in any given crop. But we can recommend an integrated pest management approach in every case. This includes physical, cultural, biological and chemical control. Ensure you’ve chosen the right control measures for the disease, and make sure to get your timing and coverage right. We’ve chosen some of the top disease challenges you’re likely to face in canola, pulses, and cereals and have paired them with our best recommendations for control. *Always read and follow label directions.

Choose your crop

What disease are you dealing with?

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