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Get higher yields and earn greater profits for your operation with InVigor® Health L258HPC. No compromise necessary.

You'll get the InVigor® Health yields and returns you want, plus a premium with the security of a simple contract. This hybrid features LibertyLink® technology, giving you high-yielding performance and the security of a contract premium.



InVigor® Health L258HPC

Premium Yields

The demand for a clubroot-resistant InVigor® Health hybrid canola that you can straight cut has been met. Introducing InVigor® Health L258HPC, the first InVigor® Health hybrid canola with the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology plus clubroot-resistance.* Along with the Cargill® Specialty Canola Program oil profile, this high yielding, strong standing hybrid is suitable for mid- to long-growing zones.

High yield potential with the benefit of a contract premium.

With InVigor® Health L258HPC, you can now choose a straight cut option for your InVigor® Health hybrid.

This InVigor® Health hybrid is available to contract in the 2021 Cargill Specialty Canola Program through Cargill and select Independent Retails. Ask your Cargill representative or selected independent retailer for more information on early sign-up incentives, risk-free pricing and flexible delivery options.

L258HPC Profile
Yield 104.9% of the checks (InVigor® 5440 and Pioneer® 45H29) in 2017 WCC/RRC trials
Traits Pod Shatter Reduction, Clubroot Resistance*, Specialty Oil
Standability Very Strong
Maturity 1½ days later than the average of checks
Growing Zones Mid- to long-growing zones
Blackleg (R) - Blackleg Resistant
Height Medium

*To predominant clubroot pathotypes found in Canada at the time of registration.

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