Cargill Specialty Canola Program

Managing a transparent supply chain from seed to oil.

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Contribute to industry-leading canola oils

When you sign up for our program, you become part of a winning team. The seed you grow is processed into a healthier oil as you challenge yourself to be the best farm operator you can be. When you grow specialty canola hybrids you become part of a supply chain that starts with the seed and ends with the consumer.

Be a part of something big.

Be a part of something big. Join the global canola movement and grow an in-demand product that’s helping food ingredient manufacturers and restaurants around the world produce the healthier foods that consumers want. At Cargill, we drive global demand for the oils you produce by working with industry-leading food companies and creating more market opportunities for Canadian growers.

Managing a transparent supply chain from seed to oil

We’re the only North American specialty canola company that provides a fully integrated and transparent supply chain – from seed to oil. As both a seed and an oil company, we can better manage canola supply and oil demand, creating more opportunities for growers and allowing oil customers and their consumers to learn where the high oleic oil in their favorite products is grown.

Cargill’s high oleic canola oil is carefully nurtured from seed, to flower, to oil. Our seeds help growers produce profitable crops that benefit their businesses and their communities. This commitment to the entire supply chain means consumers can feel good about the origins of their food. Our growers are an integral part of our program and we are proud to have a strong connection with each of them.

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