Cargill Specialty Canola Program

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About the Program
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The Cargill Specialty Canola Program gives you higher returns, delivered through high-yielding hybrids, powerful financial tools and a streamlined program that cuts back on hassle and saves you valuable time.

VICTORY® and InVigor® Health Canola Varieties

Choose VICTORY® Hybrids for best-in-class yields, agronomics and financial tools that help improve your bottom line and simplify your operation.

Get more bushels and higher profits for your operations with InVigor® Health L258HPC.

About The Cargill Specialty Canola Program

Aim Higher With VICTORY®

Why choose to be part of the Cargill Specialty Canola Program? Get insights from specialty canola farmers that see results year after year.

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Take control with our easy, five-step program

The Cargill Specialty Canola Program puts more in your pocket and less on your plate. With just five steps, a simple contract and premium pricing, it gives you convenience and control and removes complexity from your operation.

Five Steps to Higher Return

1. Pick your variety and delivery period

Choose your hybrids to get the agronomic benefits you prefer. Then, pick a delivery period, each with a valuable premium.


2. Grow your crop

Grow a winning crop of VICTORY® or InVigor® Health canola. Our fixed tonnage is set at 35 bushels/acre. Keep your eyes on the market - we offer a risk-free price hedge and no-fee Futures First contract to our Cargill Specialty Canola producers. Cargill’s experts will also be here to support you with agronomic advice throughout the season.


3. Send in your harvest sample

Submit a harvest sample from each of your Cargill Specialty Canola bins. We’ll test your grain to ensure it meets our quality standards.


4. Receive an on-farm pickup of your canola from Cargill

When your delivery period approaches, one of our select carriers will contact you to schedule the pickup. Our Full Load Last Load offering will help simplify your planning, helping you get more grain out the door at the end of the day.


5. Cash your cheque

Our premium price will contribute to your bottom line, and the high-oleic canola oil you grew will contribute to the health of consumers around the world.


Ready to join a team of growers taking performance to new levels? Sign up early to earn a bonus and an instant seed discount - check with your representative to see if you qualify.

Earn The Profits You Deserve

Grow VICTORY® canola hybrids and earn higher returns with premiums over commodity canola, best-in-class yields and powerful financial tools. This is our best lineup yet: We’re now the only IP program to offer the three main herbicide systems, giving you more flexibility and choice than ever before.

For the sixth year in a row, Cargill specialty canola oil growers have chosen the Cargill Specialty Canola Program as their most preferred canola program (versus another specialty program or a conventional canola program)

- Data based on 2018 Cargill Specialty Canola Program Customers surveys conducted by Ipsos and Kynetec

Generate record-breaking yields and returns

Think only commodity canola hybrids generate top-flight yields and returns? Take a fresh look at the Cargill Specialty Canola Program. VICTORY® and InVigor® Health hybrids are proven to produce consistently superior yields that will optimize your production and drive greater top-line revenue. Plus, a risk-free price hedge that rises with your acre commitment, and an aggressive premium over commodity, mean more dollars for your farm!

Protect Your Profits With Polygenic Blackleg And Clubroot Resistance

Defeat devastating diseases with VICTORY® canola. Our top-of-the-line hybrids provide polygenic blackleg resistance and resistance to the most common clubroot pathotypes, helping you reduce risk while maximizing your yields and return on investment.

VICTORY® Performance Trials

Production is a critical factor for your business – and one of the many reasons why Canadian farmers choose VICTORY® hybrids.
Every year in the VICTORY® Performance Trials, we evaluate how our hybrids stand up to standard check canola (75-65 RR) in field-scale size trials on real farms using the farmer’s own crop management techniques.

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