Control the toughest weeds in your field

Know what you’re up against so you can plan to defeat it. 

Five steps to solid weed management


Start by scouting fields in the fall. If you know what your weed pressure looks like, you’ll have a starting point to build a weed control plan for next year.


Work out a plan with an agronomist. Compile a list of what you want to accomplish, taking crop rotation, chemical rotation, herbicide carryover and resistance


Book products you’ll need early to take advantage of manufacturer programming dollars and have a back-up plan ready for the areas you’re uncertain

Start clean

Start with a clean field and seed early. If you have a lot of weed pressure, consider a post-harvest burn down with multiple modes of action. Scout early in the


Get the most out of your products and spray at the right time to avoid yield loss. Use proper water volumes and travel speeds to ensure adequate coverage.

What’s your toughest weed?

We’ve narrowed down the top weed challenges in western Canada that can have an economic impact on the value of your crop. We’ve given each one a difficulty rating and identified their key traits and best methods of control, including herbicide product options. *Always read and follow label directions.

Choose your weed

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