Zinc (Zn)

Product selection

Procote granular fertilizer coatings come in the form of a singular nutrient or multi-nutrient format. Apply these to a single product, like urea, or as part of a full blend. These coatings allow for even distribution of micronutrients throughout your crop, which means you need less nutrient than a standard granular product.

Cargill has been applying YaraVita Procote micronutrient fertilizer coatings to granular fertilizer for several years. As a leader in bringing this innovative technology to farmers in Western Canada, we know how to help you get the most from this product. Whether it’s working toward yield goals or choosing the right product combinations and blends, we have the experience to help make this product work on your farm.  

Get Procote Zinc only (42.6%) or in combination BCMZ: B 3.6% + Cu 6% + Mn 6% + Zn 12%

The YaraVita foliar line of micronutrients provides a simple to use, high concentration product to give crops access to key nutrients during periods of high nutrient demand. 

A comprehensive foliar nutrient product, typically applied at 1L per acre to maximize yield and relieve stress in canola, cereals and pulses.

A fast-acting foliar phosphate with zinc, Glytrel can be applied with a herbicide early (as soon as there is adequate leaf to cover) at 0.8L per acre in canola, cereals and pulses.