Sulphur (S)

Product selection


Cargill carries standard products like ammonium sulphate (AMS) and foliar applied S products.  In addition, the MicroEssentials product line from Mosaic offers a combination of sulphate sulphur and elemental sulphur to ensure your crop has season-long availability of this important nutrient in a single, nutritionally balanced granule


This all-in-one granular fertilizer provides crops with nitrogen and sulphate sulphur providing effectively balanced N plus S nutrition and readily available S. This product from Yara is proven to increase nutrient uptake, and offers better handling over blends along with optimal crop nutrition.

Thiotrac is a foliar applied, soluble Sulphur product used to prevent and treat Sulphur deficiency in cereals and canola that can be applied at the stem elongation to grain fill growth stage. This product features rapid uptake by the plant, and this formulation ensures that the correct ratio of nitrogen to Sulphur is maintained at critical stages. The recommended application rate is 2L per acre.